Sunday, January 9, 2011


Brad and I have a thing for art. (Or maybe I do, and he just does an awesome job of putting up with me!) In our years together, we've amassed a decent collection. So here's a look at some of our collection, and a sneak peek at our "finished" first floor.

 Year of the Rooster and Chicago Ghost by Dan Grzeca.

Blue Bird Wedding by Middleburg Folk Art Studio. Behind it is a blanket made by my great-grandmother.

Rat Terrier Pillow by Julie Sola.

Our vintage Ironrite chair, a future refinishing project. (Not art I guess, but I liked the photo!)

A pile of art yet to find a home...

Our criminal 4-legged family. Back in October, I photographed our pups and Brad's brother's dogs, with a fitting backdrop... mugshot height scale. I love how guilty Rat looks in the bottom photo, and Airlie looks like she was in a bar fight (she was at the worst point in her demodex). Oh, my loveable rascals!

Our wool shag Bertoia chair is Zorro's favorite chair.
And to honor our sweet rat terriers, Hey, Ho, Let's Go! by Angela Bond hangs on the wall behind it.
(It's a bit too small for that wall, so it probably won't stay their permanantly. But for now, it's just fine!)

I actually don't know if our window painting by Emmy Star Brown has a name... Hmmm.
Greens by Emmy Star Brown! Thanks, Emmy!

One of my Christmas gifts to Brad this year was a painting based on one of our wedding photos. It was part of The Commission Project by Paul Ferney.

So there you have it! Next weekend I plan to post a better "house tour" than this... it's a bit hard to get photos in good lighting when I'm at work all day and it gets dark at 5. Such is life.
Have a good week, all!


  1. What a wonderful art filled home! i love all of your art! especially the mug shots! my cute lil pit had demodex pretty bad too. she's all better now, hope yours is too!

  2. Thank you!! Brad thinks I have a problem! ;) If I see art I like, I buy it (if it's priced within our means, of course!). Seeing art I like every day, though, makes me smile! And I think that makes it worth it!

    Airlie goes to the vet tomorrow morning for her third skin scrape. If she's mite-free, she'll have one more month of meds and be all clear! Demodex has definitely been tough. But she looks a hundred times better than she did just a couple months ago! And fortunately for her, she never got too itchy.

  3. We have stacks of art at home :)


  4. Those mug shots are just fantastic! What a great piece of art.