Monday, May 31, 2010

Re-claimed Brick Patio.

It was such a beautiful day yesterday we spent the day working on the backyard. This is an "in-progress" photo. By the time we finished it was dark out, and today is just a miserable overcast day. The granite pieces we've found scattered around (was at one time edging, but it is not just buried in the yard) are the edging barrier between the recycled brick and the yard. Now we just need to tear down the chimney in the attic to have enough reclaimed brick to use as pavers. The eventual goal is too also build a pergola that extends from the house.

Today's project: Painting the living and dining room!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

House: 1 - Awnings: 0

Awning #1.
(Thanks, B-Rad!!)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cork Flooring

When we purchased the house we already knew that we would need new flooring in most of the rooms, because the adhesive used in for linolium and tile floors that were popular forty years ago destroys the aesthetic of the wood floors. Then we tore up the carpet and discoved the floors in the living and dining rooms weren't in very good state.
So we decided to just re-floor the entire place. We looked at many different options, but we wanted something that was sustainable, durable, and obviously looks good. Our solution? Cork flooring. It comes in either 1'x1' or 1'x2' tiles and is relatively easy to install. Now we are just debating on the color. I'm more for C and Jessica is more for 2.
Let us know if you have an opinion. Keep in mind that the walls will be different shades of grey, the trim will be white, and the electircal outlets and switches will be white.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Our helper.

So much for my claim that Zorro is a good helper... This is how he "helped" with the painting of the porch floor.

The big footprint in the middle is a result of Brad's rescue mission.
Sorry for the crazy eyes and the horrible mess of boxes and mops in the kitchen... you know how it goes.


A quick rendering... new paint and a metal roof. 5 bazillion times better.

Maybe only 2 bazillion...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Paul and Gin came to help us this past weekend. We got a TON done. Thank you, guys! We really appreciate your help!

Remember these bushes?
(Not sure how you could forget. This is only our 4th post...)

Anyway, I REALLY didn't like these bushes. I don't know why. They're just fat and bulky and full of soggy newspapers. Not awesome.
But yesterday I came home to this:

Ha! I was strangely conflicted... I wanted them gone, but I sort of felt like it was sad, unnecessary plant-death. Thank you for your service to this earth, bushes. You'll be replaced with some pretty trees or flowers.


The boys

Zorro and Rat are good helpers.

As long as helping involves a tennis ball...