Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ahh! Yay!

Counters are in!

Exciting, huh!?

There's still quite a bit to do. The plumber is coming on Monday to hook up the dishwasher and the sink.
[The not-yet-hooked-up (dusty) dishwasher.]

[Our big, pretty sink. With the faucet inside of it, patiently waiting for the plumber.]

I climbed up on a stool to get a pic of the sink and faucet. While I was up there I spotted this:
Eeeeek! That's a crap load of dust! We've got a lot of cleaning to do...
Which is maybe an understatement...


  1. Wow! Your kitchen is looking great! Did the countertop company make your sink cut out on the wrong side? Big oops!

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  3. Technically it was the guy who measured the counters. However, he did an excellent job with the drywall and paid for the cost of the new piece so we have no complaints. If anyone needs a remodeler we'll give you Mark from Modern View's contact information. Later we'll give shout outs to all the sub-contractors who've done work for us.