Friday, September 10, 2010

So... our roof fell off...

Well, part of our roof.

The wind gusts here in Chicago were major a few days ago... Our poor old house couldn't handle the pressure.

Looks like the new roof may be coming sooner than we anticipated.


  1. Yikes! Either the winds were really strong or it was high time that you got a new one. I’m sorry that your old roof was damaged in the midst of saving up to buy a new one. I hope that new roof did come soon, so that your house stayed protected from the harsh weather we had over the past couple of years.

    ~ Saundra Wordlaw ~

  2. WHOA! That’s some major damage to your roof! How BAD were those winds? I hope you were able to get your roof replaced before it got damaged completely. What was your new roof made of? Slate is particularly sturdy, but metal roofs have become trendy these days because they are lightweight, durable and inexpensive.

    -- Elizabeth Hoffnung --

  3. Your typical roof lasts for 10-15 years give or take, depending on how well you take care of your roof. Anyway, I guess, the weather condition only served to speed up your roof’s deterioration rate.What’s your new roof made of?

    -Lino Kosters