Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cork Flooring

When we purchased the house we already knew that we would need new flooring in most of the rooms, because the adhesive used in for linolium and tile floors that were popular forty years ago destroys the aesthetic of the wood floors. Then we tore up the carpet and discoved the floors in the living and dining rooms weren't in very good state.
So we decided to just re-floor the entire place. We looked at many different options, but we wanted something that was sustainable, durable, and obviously looks good. Our solution? Cork flooring. It comes in either 1'x1' or 1'x2' tiles and is relatively easy to install. Now we are just debating on the color. I'm more for C and Jessica is more for 2.
Let us know if you have an opinion. Keep in mind that the walls will be different shades of grey, the trim will be white, and the electircal outlets and switches will be white.


  1. Actually, my favorite is B, not 2. And for some reason the photo of 1,2,3 is more blue/purple than it actually is... so keep that in mind. I'm afraid C and 3 will be too dark, showing dust, footprints, and little white dog hairs...
    Any other opinions out there?

  2. I followed you back from my site! You have me hooked, I can hardly wait to see the progress on your beautiful house!

  3. hm, I think B. The darkness of C would be striking but I think in the scheme of things might be overwhelming.

  4. Congratulations on your new house!

    Using dark flooring all over the house, well..
    Remember, that darker floors "swallow" a lot of light and can make decorating (like furniture, carpets etc.) much more difficult.
    I would prefer a lighter/neutral color - somewhere between A and B - also depending on the valeur of the grey walls (cold/warm).
    This is actually not an easy decision - a solution could be to lay the floor in one (smaller) room and find out what you think. If it works you can finish, if not it is (normally) easy to replace.
    I'd love to see, what you decide!

  5. Both look very cool, I have to admit that really dark one "C" is very striking, but coming from the "mom" perspective now- go with one that does not have to be cleaned daily!