Friday, April 30, 2010

I betcha wanna see more...

Freakin' awesome pink paint and carpet. Only a few hours after closing that carpet was out of there. The floors beneath aren't as great as we'd hoped, but we'll address that issue later.

The house was built in 1879 (I think) but appears to have been 'gut-rehabbed' in the '50s. The cabinets rock. So does that stove. I dunno... we'll see what happens with this. Definitely some new paint and flooring. Probably new counter tops and fridge. Maybe an island... with a dishwasher.

The bathroom is all kinds of ugly.

Front stairs. Don't know what we'll do with these yet, either. Definitely needs new flooring... not that gross fake wood vinyl. The plaster walls are in excellent condition everywhere in the house, except here. They're cracked and crumbly. We'll see.


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